Skin Deep: Do face masks actually work or are we just kidding ourselves?

Once upon a time, face masks seemed like the kind of thing only women in romantic comedies did. They weren’t for the likes of us (aside from the occasional 99p job purchased with great excitement ahead of a sleepover despite the fact that we hadn’t a notion what it was meant to do, or indeed what we’d like it to do).

These days, every sophisticated woman has a wardrobe of fabulous masks, and the rest of us have a few hanging around as well. Whether you consider it skin-care or self-care, we’re all at it. But do they actually work? Or are we simply paying for a relatively pleasant experience and a dose of the Placebo Effect?

To answer this question, we must first acknowledge that not all masks are created equal (and the same goes for your skin).

Broadly, face masks fall into five categories: Clay, exfoliating, hydrating, moisturising and sheet masks. Let’s break them down.

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