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Reports: A New Concern For President Donald Trump Jr. | The Last Word | MSNBC

New reporting from Yahoo News that the FBI has obtained foreign intelligence wiretaps of a Putin ally who met Trump Jr. at an NRA convention in 2016 and a prosecutor with knowledge of the calls say the President’s son should be concerned. It is apparently all tied to the Russia Probe. Michael Isikoff explains his reporting and Joy Reid is joined by Danny Cevallos and David Corn.


Tattoos have been a popular form of body art for many years. In fact, Statistic Brain reports that 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo somewhere on their body.

The latest tattoo trend to explode in popularity is lip tattoos. Although any tattoo procedure can be risky, if you’re thinking about getting one on or inside of your lip, you might want to first investigate the specific risks of lip tattoos before going under the needle.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when considering inner-lip and lip-liner tattoos.